Friday, May 6, 2011

Shinku - Part Four

Sewing velvet sucks. How is it possible for it to shift so much even after being pinned to death and hand sewn together on the line? How is it possible?!

Today I made my nice seven meter ruffle and attached it to the bottom of the skirt. It looks awesome. Then I started sewing together the bodice and that's when the nightmare began. Nightmare! I also sewed the lace on the center front piece down. I may go over that with the machine, I'm not sure yet.

Afterwards, went out to pick up more primer and the pink paint for my cane. Also went to the mall and found shoes ($99 marked down to $39, plus 30% off the reduced sale price - whoo!) and little rose shoe clips to go on those too. It's all starting to come together!