Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween and Photos

First of all, my Sailor Jupiter photoshoot was added on I'm very pleased about that! Linked here.

Hetalia Day Halloween Party:
In honour of World Hetalia Day 2009, I decided to have a Halloween-Lite Party in my backyard. I covered the outdoor umbrella with long sheer curtains to make a little tent, put up some orange Halloween lights in the centre and made a huge feast of strange foods. (That's worm and snail salad in the pumpkin, just so you know.) Dressing up Hetalia-style was also requisite for an invite. Here I am dressed as schoolgirl Belarus and Bryan is dressed up as Greece.

Halloween Dance Party:
Went to a Halloween Dance on October 31st. Much fun and dancing! Me as Mio (or Azusa cosplaying as Mio) and Bryan as Stein.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Mio Finished

Managed to finish the Mio costume on time for the Halloween party, with time to spare!

On Friday afternoon I made and attached the ruffle to the dress. It was about an inch high and box pleated. The machine absolutely 100% refused to penetrate the dress, so the ruffle had to be attached by hand. I added the halter strap on Saturday afternoon, made from the bottom piece of the tuille section I cut off the dress. It also had to be sewn by hand, and that was even more difficult! I was sewing through around probably eight layers of fabric. There was much frustration to be heard while I was doing that....

The wig worked out very well too. I had to chop up the sides a little, because frankly I didn't like the long hanging front pieces. I used Ciel as my reference, because I purchased the wig with that costume in mind, after all. It was very fun to wear it to the party, although it was at times a bit of a hassle in that kind of party setting. Got stuck in the seatbelt and stuck under my arms while I was dancing. Yeah... it's going to need a SERIOUS detangling the next time I pull it out.

In other news, Bryan finished the Stein costume. Although he had a few issues with the screw, he managed to win a costume contest when he wore it on Friday - Funniest costume, or something. Hey, recognition in prize form is recognition nonetheless.

Pictures to come when I manage to find where my camera has been placed....