Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shinku - Part Five

I wasn't going to work on the costume at all today... and then I did. Basically I sewed four seams and it took about two hours. The first one took an hour. Velvet is mean. Following a tip I found online, I tried sewing the next three seams together with wax paper placed between the two layers of velvet. Let me tell you, this works A LOT better than basting. And it wasn't even just basting that I used to keep the pieces together, I did a fully back-stitched seam. Go figure. Just pinning with the later of wax paper worked almost perfectly. Pinning diagonally. One more seam and the bodice will be done. Next up, collar and sleeves.

YAY! *eyeroll*

Hat surgery is also an ongoing nightmare process. And more cane priming.