Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shinku - Part One

I started some preliminary work on my Shinku cosplay today.

On the weekend, I went fabric shopping and got some cotton velvet for the dress and wool stuff for the hat and capelet. I'm very excited about the velvet, it is very luxurious. I'm hoping it's at least a little less nightmarish to work with than the polyester velveteen stuff I worked with a couple months ago. Shudder. The wool is very nice. One of the colours is not quite right, but I think it'll work well once it's all put together. After fabric shopping I went to a costume store and found all the accessories for the costume too. Amazing. Her cane (she carries a cane) needs to be primed and painted pink, which I may start on next weekend if the weather is nice. Nicer...

My wig came in as well and I'm very excited about it. It's so bouncy and fun and full. It needs a little work still. The curls are a little too dense, so I need to straighten them out a little bit. And the bangs go down to my chin (and are so thick!) so they need to be trimmed down quite a bit.

Today I copied out and altered a pattern for the hat that a friend lent to me. I also drew up a pattern for the capelet and made a quick mock-up (except for the collar). I'm going to get an opinion on the shape of the capelet and then after that I'll draft up a quick collar and start working on the real one!

Monday, April 4, 2011

School is almost over...

With less than a week left of school that means pretty soon my personal costuming can start up again! I'm so excited! Today I thought a lot about what I'm going to make, and I've settled on finally making my Shinku costume.

And to further set this in stone in my mind, I have purchased a wig for it. (A necessity for it to arrive in time.) I'm ordering from Arda wigs, which I'm pretty excited about, I hear they are very nice.

I've done quite a bit more progress on my SW packing gown front piece but it's still got a ways to go. But that's okay. I won't need it until the end of August. I took quite a few progress pictures throughout but have been too busy to fix them up for posting. Hopefully there will time for that in the near future!