Monday, May 16, 2011

Shinku - Part Ten

So, weekend update!

Went shopping for all the last minute supplies that I still needed and somethings I found out I didn't have. Picked up white stockings, false eyelashes, more thread and interfacing, skirt hooks.

I tried on the finished dress with the corset I've decided I'm going to wear and decided the bodice needs to be taken in. This will be a nightmare, but if it works it will make an astronomically huge difference in the fit and look of the whole costume.

I made the buttonholes and sewed on the buttons on the capelet. I tried the - disassembled and pinned together - hat with the wig and it looks A LOT better, so it's ready to be sewn together and finished. A first layer of pink paint was applied to the cane. All in all things are looking pretty good.

Today I didn't do too much work, but I made the little beige band to go on my capelet. It really makes it. I just need to sew it down a bit.

A few people are suggesting I enter the masquerade at AN. I'm still not sure... it's a huge commitment, which can be very worth it. But, last year entering the masquerade took over the whole Saturday. So... I just don't know yet.

Dress To-Do List:

  • Finish sewing the zipper
  • Hem the dress
  • Bodice alterations
  • Sew on the decorative buttons (0/3)
  • Make a bow for the back
  • Attach bow
Accessories To-Do List:
  • Make buttonholes in the capelet (6/6)
  • Sew the buttons onto the capelet (6/6)
  • Make little band for top buttons of the capelet
  • Resew the brim onto the hat
  • Sew on a band on the inside of the hat
  • Attach button to the top of the hat
  • Paint the cane pink
  • Make bow for the cane
  • Trim bangs and back of the wig