Friday, May 13, 2011

Shinku - Part Nine

Countdown to Anime North: 14 Days.

Yesterday, I mostly did work on the cane. To patch up those cracks (I found out someone stepped on my cane, arg!) I applied layers of wood glue and dried them in front of a heater. I think I did around five or more layers... I started to lose track pretty quickly. The thing is pretty sturdy now. I also used some glue layers to smooth over some rough parts. I also started a little work on the seven meter hem. I think I only did about a yard, but I started quite late in the evening and my eyes got tired pretty quickly. I also straightened out the curls in the wig ponytails a little bit. They're still pretty curly, but in more a appropriate way.

Today I went back to the dress. It is now sewn up the back with the zipper mostly inserted. I tried to put it in nice and correctly, honestly, I did. But the velvet was such a nightmare that I had to resort to drastic measures. Needless to say, it's not the prettiest zipper, but it's in there. I just need to hand sew the section near the waist, because it was too bulky for my poor, stupid, domestic machine.

I've also been applying more coats of primer to the cane... after adding all those glue layers, the prime job has to be pretty much be completely redone. But I've been speeding through it, so hopefully I will finally be able to paint it pink this weekend.

Dress To-Do List:

  • Finish sewing the zipper
  • Hem the dress
  • Sew on the decorative buttons (0/3)
  • Make a bow for the back
  • Attach bow
Accessories To-Do List:
  • Make buttonholes in the capelet (0/6)
  • Sew the buttons onto the capelet (0/6)
  • Make little band for top buttons of the capelet
  • Resew the brim onto the hat
  • Sew on a band on the inside of the hat
  • Attach button to the top of the hat
  • Paint the cane pink
  • Make bow for the cane
  • Trim bangs and back of the wig