Monday, May 9, 2011

Shinku - Part Six

Today wasn't great in the costuming department. Someone stepped on my cane and now there are hairline cracks in it. The cane is made of bamboo, very fragile and filled with sand to add weight. So. Yeah.

I sewed the last side seam on the bodice, which was a bit of a nightmare. Did the wax paper thing, diagonal and straight pins. It still was messed up. At the risk of ruining a lot, I took the seam apart and tried again. It was only marginally better. For the most part the pieces still slid to where they had been when I sewed the seam the first time.

Then I added the collar. Had to add sew-in interfacing. It worked out okay, but for the most part I sewed it on completely by hand and did not bother with the machine at all. At the end there was a pucker in the bodice (arg - nightmare!) so I took that section apart and then machined it back together. It was a little off, but it's not noticeable. I still need to slip stitch the other side of the collar down, which will probably be interesting... I hope not.

I may also sew the sleeves by hand depending on how it goes. I think that will be sucky enough without adding the stress of trying to sew it all together on the machine. Scary!