Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Can't Sew Through Metal

The problem with have a boned bodice means there is metal everywhere, and you can't sew through metal. The only way I'm going to be able to finish sewing this ribbon on the front (which is going horrendously, thanks for asking) is if I get a curved needle. I can't get one though, because I don't have a car today and I have no idea when it will be back. So, how am I supposed to finish this whole damn thing by tomorrow?

It's looking to be a little impossible. Big, big problem.

ETA: Went back to working on the hat, and it's going a lot better than yesterday, thank goodness! Cut the brim off to cover separately. Then recovered the whole hat with felt to cover up the glue gun trails that I couldn't remove (even while utilizing a hairdryer). To reduce those bubbles in the fabric on along the edges of the brim I followed a good suggestion and used spray glue. It looks A LOT better and was worth the extra effort. I sewed together the crown piece and then re-attached the top to the brim. The edges still need to be covered with either black ribbon or black bias tape, but I have nethier right now. In the meantime I started working on the white ribbon band, but I can't really attach it until the black edging has been put on.

Shopping List:
-Curved needle
-Black ribbon to finish dress detailing (I'm sure I'll run out)
-Thick(er) black ribbon or bias tape to cover hat edges
-More flowers (I have six but that's probably not enough)