Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend of Updates

I'm not going to go into huge detail but managed to get a bit of work done this weekend on costume stuff, which is awesome! It's been a weekend of working.

I've almost finished the hat for the Ciel dress, I just need to add the white bow on the back. The hat is not my favourite part of the costume, but I think it's pretty good for what it is. I've finishing sewing about 50% of the black ribbon detailing on the gown. This is quite possibly the most annoying part of the whole ordeal. I got my curved needle but the damn thing is so dull it couldn't puncture anything.

One of the evokers has been cast and it's looking pretty good. After some sanding, filling in some holes, and painting it should be pretty awesome! Heh. I also got to casting the buttons for my Franziska costume, which I think I'm going to start working on tomorrow regardless of the gown not being fully finished.

As a totally spontaneous side project (because I have sooo much time) I've made a parasol to go with the Ciel gown. I'm going to pick up a couple more supplies to finish it off tomorrow.

And that's about all.

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