Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hat Woes

Started work back up on the Ciel Gown. I wanted to try to do the hat today, it's not working out. It looks very sloppy, and really it's no wonder. This fabric just will not stop moving and puckering. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it, because I'm really unhappy with it so far.

I also started to putting the black ribbon on the front of the dress. It's looking pretty good, although it's quite difficult to sew around the bodice area because of the boning. I knew it would be like this, if that's any kind of consolation to me. I think I may stop for the day though, I burned my thumb and it's really driving me crazy.

Bryan's costume isn't working out so well. The jacket we ordered off the internet apparently does not exist, so he got a refund but it leaves us in quite a spot.

Best case scenerio: I finish Ciel this week, which is do-able, I think. Then devote the rest of my time between now and Anime North to making my Franziska coat and cravat/jabot. This weekend I absolutely HAVE TO get the buttons and evoker done... probably it would be even better if I could do them this week, but it's all getting to be a lot for me to do.

Countdown to Anime North: 15 days