Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anime North: Day Two

Day two was a little bit unusual for me. I decided to enter the Masquerade at Anime North this year, with my Ciel Phantomhive ballgown. And since it is a rather cumbersome outfit, I decided I would probably die from heat exhaustion, headache and foot pain if I went for the whole day. So, we didn't leave the house until 4:45, so that would could get there right in time for check-in at 5:15.

The masquerade - this was my first time entering the masquerade in case that wasn't obvious - is pure chaos. It's both fun and exhausting. Check-in is at 5:15, but the show doesn't start until 8:00 or 8:30. So, after getting your picture taken, and workmanship judging, there is quite a lot of sitting. And, let me tell you, sitting in a steel hoopskirt for at least two hours, not so fun.

I was extremely nervous. I can't even imagine how I did, all I remember was that when I was on stage someone yelled "I love you Ciel", or something insane. And yeah... one of the crazier things I've partaken of my own free will.

After my run, I was entry number 7, we didn't hang around too long, no one had any idea when the awards would be announced, if they would even be announced that night. We watched the show a bit longer in the Green Room, and then left around entry 36 (of at least 87). We wandered around the hotel lobby taking some pictures, which was fun, and being stopped for pictures, which was also fun.

A crazy con day, but a very unique and fun one too.

ETA: I also learned that Anime North's masquerade is now an internationally recognized competition, so the awards given out are considered major awards. Amazing!