Saturday, May 29, 2010

Anime North: Day One

Yesterday was day one of Anime North. Everything looked to be similar to last year. Cosplays were great and of course, it was quite crowded! It was my first going through the weapons check process, which was not as involved as I expected it to be, even after I heard all the nasty details.

We did our Persona 3 cosplays yesterday, and since they were variants, only the most faithful fans were able to recognize us. This was nice because it meant not too many interuptions. The one downside was that I didn't end up getting photo of myself. So, the chances of finding a picture of myself online is slim to non-existant.

Most of our time was spent in the Dealer's Room, because to be honest, none of the events are really my thing. Picked up quite a few pieces of Kuroshitsuji merch, some Hetalia and a K-On! fan book. Oh, oh! And I finally found Rozen Maiden 8, which has eluded me for... awhile.

Overall a pretty good start to AN!