Monday, May 31, 2010

Anime North: Day Three

In the morning we went out for dim sum and then headed back over to the TCC for the third and final day of Anime North. Aww. We arrived around 12:00, so if there had been any lines to enter they had dissipated, always nice!

Day three was more the typical con experience for me. I didn't go in cosplay because I wasn't feeling well, and that fine. It's always nice to have a relaxing day in either no cosplay or a very easy/minimal cosplay. My only real priority was to check out the Artist's Alley, now called Comic Market. Sure, why not. While we there I wanted to pick up some pins for my growing pin collection. I did get a few, to say the least. The white cat pin is also worth mentioning. All sales proceeds from those cat pins was donated to The Forgotten Ones, a cat rescue fund.

(I have no idea why that photo is uploading portrait. Irk. Anyway...)

After that we headed back into the dealer's room, for another turn about the tables. This year we did the fewest turns around the dealer's room, only two, but there was so much stuff to see that each turn took far longer than usual. And of course, we found a few more goodies! We picked up Ah! My Goddess DVDs, which was a very reasonable price. I got a little Chie plushie keychain (from Chie's Sweet Home), which is in the picture with my pins. I've never seen merchandise from that little show, and I adore it so much, so I was very excited! A Hello Kitty plushie dressed as beefeater - my very first Hello Kitty. And the first volume of a manga called V.B. Rose, which is about a girl who works in a bridal salon. It's my thing, really, so I hope it's good.

I had been planning to head over to the Steampunk Fashion Show, but unfortunately missed it. Instead we headed over to the DT one last time to pick up my CD, and forgot it when I saw that I had won an award in the masquerade. Most Elegant Novice. So amazing, so happy, gush, gush. We got ice cream as a mini-celebration, and then headed home.

Another fabulous year at Anime North!