Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Little Quilted Skirt

Today, one short day break after Anime North, I went back to my little Rococo project. Initially I was going to start work on binding the edges of the stays, but I am unhappy with the materials I have for that job. I'm going to need to go pick up something else, but unfortunately I don't know when that will be, hopefully before the weekend.

Anyway, not to let my drive to sew go to waste I decided to start work on the petticoat. I didn't use a pattern, I mostly just followed my memory of a similar skirt that I saw a little while ago. It's not quite finished, but nearly, at this point. I still need to make a hem, which I've decided is probably just going to be serged and bound, because folding up the material makes it WAY too bulky. And I want to put some kind of binding at the waist as well. The latter is more for aesthetics than anything else. It is otherwise serviceable as it is.

And more importantly I think it's cute. If I grow exceptionally intense about this, I may hand dye some appliques or lace to put around the hem, but that will have to wait a while yet, I suspect.