Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ruffles, Bows and Flowers... Oh my!

I did my best to get an early start today. Despite this, I still feel like I didn't do as much as I should have... that being said, the day is not yet over.

First off, pressed my striped shirt. Opened up my bow tutorial on deviantArt (yeah, I haven't made a bow in awhile) and reviewed. Whipped that baby up fairly quickly, although I stupidly punched a hole in one of the corners, so fixing that slowed my momentum a little. Once the bow was all finished I handsewed the collar ruffle to the dress. This is what took up most of my time today. It was a pretty painful process. I had to keep it on the dressform while I was sewing it, so I did the whole job while standing. I had to use a stool to sew the back because I'm short, I guess. Afterwards I sewed the bow on to the dress and that looked pretty snazzy.

I was really at a loss as to how to add a flowers to the front of the bow. Then it came to me that I should do it like my Sailor Jupiter bows and make it detachable! So, there is a pin glued to a piece of felt on the back on the bow holding it in place. While attaching my little pin device my flower fell apart in my hands. This turned out to be blessing in disguise. When I went to reassemble it I actually decided to disassemble a second flower and use those petals in my flower too. So my front flower is actually two flowers in one! It looks so much better than it would have too! I'm so happy about that.

Afterwards I started experimenting with pinning up the front of the dress. I'm starting to realize it's a little bit too long. Unfortunately I cannot change this now. So it will have to suffice. It still looks fabulous, you just can't see the black ribbon/top of the ruffle on the underskirt on certain areas, notably the front centre. I will get over it.

I'm hoping to still make some more ruffles for the back of the underskirt tonight. Although I won't be able to finish them completely, because I am still out of black ribbon. I'm going to be picking that up tomorrow however, so it's all good.

Countdown to the Ball: 3 days.

Decided to call it a day at 10:30. I managed to whip out nine meters of my white broadcloth to make the last two underskirt ruffles. Also decided to try using a loose machine stitch to do the gathering. Not such a great idea. Might be an okay idea for one meter. Nine? not so much. Nevertheless I managed to wrestle out two seperate ruffles, each about 1/3 the circumfrance of the underskirt. I'm not going to do the ruffles all the way around for Saturday, perhaps for Anime North I will continue them, we'll see. Tomorrow once I get the black ribbon I will sew those rufflies on and the underskirt will be officially done. And it only, hmm, nine months? Whoo!