Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bertha Baby

I could easily call every entry about ballgown process from here on out "Ruffly Ruffly Time", but perhaps that is a tad too uncreative.

As I expected, on the weekend I spent several hours ironing out fabric. Torturous. Anyway, yesterday and today I put in a lot of work on the bertha - or neckline ruffles. As I believe I mentioned previously, it's made out of white silk taffeta. I made the ruffle 4 inches wide (not including seam allowances). For a little extra touch - which turned out to actually be an extra little nuisance - I decorated the edges of the ruffle with some decorative machine stitches: a little vine with leaves. I think it's cute and another little touch no one will ever see but turned out to be quite difficult. I still need to add the black ribbon to one section of the ruffle and then secure it all to the dress. But I think it's looking really good. Thank goodness, heh.

The front bow is black and white striped fabric. So, I've been hunting for this black and white striped fabric forever. I've never seen any. Well, I lie. I've seen thick black and white striped Halloween satin in the past, but what that stuff would be good for I have yet to find out, nor do I intend to. Now that time is running out, I was left with two options find another alternative or make the stiped fabric by hand. Well, option two may yet come to pass, but for now I've picked up a black and white striped blouse from Value Village that will soon become my front bow. It's kind of depressing to have to use someone's second hand rayon shirt on top of my beautiful silk, but times are desperate. I've prewashed it today, and hopefully it will be dry, pressed and bow-ified by tomorrow evening.

Countdown to the Ball: 4 Days

I also have to start the countdown to Pirates of Penzance which takes place the last couple days of April. I still have quite a bit to do, but at least in the last couple weeks we've been able to borrow a lot of costumes, so the list is getting shorter every day! Exciting. There's going to be a Sunday rehearsal this weekend, which would be very good for me to attend. Of course, it's the day after the ball. Hopefully all this costuming doesn't drive me crazy, because the countdown to Anime North begins as soon as PoP ends. Eep!

Countdown to PoP: 15 Days