Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Belated Update

Tuesday was a pretty intensely crazy day, I have to say. I did manage to get quite a lot done on the Pirate King coat, despite the craziness of life. Heh. I started by disassembling the mock-up, to use as a sort of interlining. The body of the coat, including side skirt inserts, were then cut out of the top fabric and lining fabric and assembled. The lining hasn't been attached to the outside of the coat yet, because I haven't yet started work on the sleeves.

The one down side is that I ran out of the fabric I was originally intending to use for the cuffs and pocket flaps. The reason this happened is because when I bought the fabric I had not yet decided to put in the contrasting side skirt sections, it was a design element that came to me after I'd found the perfect fabric. I am going to have enough fabric for the pocket flaps, and they are going to be very fun and decorative! I'm excited about those. But there isn't going to be enough left for cuffs. I'll have to go and pick some more fabric for those cuffs this weekend so that I can finish it all up by the beginning of next week. I probably won't be able to find the exact same black fabric, but that's alright, if I find something more plush that would be equally fabulous.

Made the pocket flaps. They were a little more challenging to make than I expected them to be... sewing black fabric with black thread, trying to make out the fabric design through the wrong side... er... not easy, not fun. I think they'll look really good from far away, even if they don't look perfect up close. Heh. But I'll still try to fix them up a little.