Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stocks are Running Low

Continued work on the corset today.

Recut all the pieces in the black silk fabric and pinned them to the canvas pieces. Then pinned and sewed all the pieces together. So far so good, it would seem.

I do have a busk for the corset which is the correct size, however, I my selection of boning is quite limited. I have six bones all of varying sizes (but mostly they're all too small anyway). The pattern calls for 18 bones - 9 on each half. So that's tricky. I have duct ties, but they're rather wide, perhaps too wide. I have some twill tape for boning channels, but probably not enough. I also have no grommets... or at least, I can't find them at present.

I very much hope I won't have to end this project prematurely.