Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Button, Button, Buttonholes

Day three of work on the corset. Last night I felt at I was at a standstill. I had no idea where to go from the point I was at. I made facing pieces to use to insert the busk, but was very unsatisfied with my efforts.

Today, I revaluated everything I decided to use buttonholes to insert the busk. I'd never made a buttonhole by machine before, so I spent some time reading the manual, looking at online tutorials and practicing on some scrap fabric. I felt ready. I went to put in my corset piece and make the first buttonhole. It completely screwed up. No idea why. I went back to my practice and everything was fine. I was very pissed and confused. But why I tried again on the corset it worked fine. So... not sure what that little blip was all about, but it worked out apparently.

The busk is now completely in, and it looks quite nice (except for some scratches made by my machine on the silk, but I have some ideas for covering that up).

I kept my facing pieces for the back side, and I will probably work on preping in the lacing part later on tonight. I still do not have (or have not yet found) any eyelets... however, I may be able to get some from the mall later on tonight, and if I'm really lucky, maybe some twill tape as well. All I need is some twill tape and eyelets and I'm good to go. As for the question of steel vs. duct tie boning, I've decided the duct ties should be fine, because it is very stiff from the canvas, etc.

I'm feeling much better about all this! Yay!