Monday, January 11, 2010

Hiatus Over, Hopefully

The long sewing hiatus that set in following Halloween was completely out of my control. Honestly. Figuring I should spend a little extra time working on assignments for the last two months of my B.A., I reluctantly too a break from everything (and let my mother tidy up the sewing mess I'd made of the dining room).

But my B.A. is done now, and so too must this hiatus end!

To ease myself back into the sewing fun, I've decided to work on the 1870s corset I started sometime during the summer. I believe I started it during a costuming sleepover, but had little opportunity to work on it since with all the craziness of Sailors, Gowns and ... well, all that.

So, basically I had all the pieces sewn together of the middle, canvas layer. Anyway, I took all that apart to rethink my plan. I'm going to attach a black silk outer layer to the canvas pieces and then sew them back together as if they were a single layer. After that I will try to sew in some boning on the inside (possibly with ribbon or twill tape), add my busk and sew the inner layer out of a nice white cotton fabric I've been saving for something like this. And then bind it altogether with some more ribbon.

Wish me luck. I'll need it.