Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween and Photos

First of all, my Sailor Jupiter photoshoot was added on I'm very pleased about that! Linked here.

Hetalia Day Halloween Party:
In honour of World Hetalia Day 2009, I decided to have a Halloween-Lite Party in my backyard. I covered the outdoor umbrella with long sheer curtains to make a little tent, put up some orange Halloween lights in the centre and made a huge feast of strange foods. (That's worm and snail salad in the pumpkin, just so you know.) Dressing up Hetalia-style was also requisite for an invite. Here I am dressed as schoolgirl Belarus and Bryan is dressed up as Greece.

Halloween Dance Party:
Went to a Halloween Dance on October 31st. Much fun and dancing! Me as Mio (or Azusa cosplaying as Mio) and Bryan as Stein.