Monday, January 18, 2010

Eyelets and Tapes

Last Thursday I continued work on the corset, but apparently forgot to make an entry in the blog. I went to the mall on Wednesday night as expected, but the only store with a sewing section decided to remove majority of the stock and replace it all with knitting yarn. Annoying. So I was not able to get any twill tape or eyelets. When I got home, however, I found an unopen package of eyelets in a drawer in my room (very unexpected). I therefore I had 16 eyelets, and needed 20. Oh well.

On Thursday, I cut the bones (out of the duct ties) down to size and numbered them all. I marked out all the holes for the eyelets and put in the 16 that I had - I will still need to press them in properly though, hopefully tonight. I also managed to put in two boning channels with the twill tape I had still available. The sewing is pretty spectacularly wonky... so, eep. Hopefully it will all improve as I continute to sew them. Or maybe I just need some more pins. Well, more pins will be used anyway.

On Saturday, I managed to make it over to Fabricland (first time since October, but feels like even longer) and picked up the eyelets and twill tape I need.

My school application is almost complete and I would like to send it out by Friday! It's all getting pretty exciting!