Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tiny Top Hats!

So I've decided I'm going with a top-hat after all. Just Azusa's hair - she's hardcore cosplaying Mio now. No concessions. (Or so I tell myself.)

Yesterday I went down to Fabricland to pick up some black satin to make the top hat and ruffles for my Mio cosplay. Picked up one yard of the fabric, which I deemed to be sufficient and it was about $12 with my membership discount.

Today, I came home from school and went (almost) straight to work on my teeny top hat. I made use of the same tutorial I used when I made my first mini top hat. It's a very handy little tutorial and I highly recommend it for the millinery challenged. But today, it was definitely a tiny top hat that needed to be made!

I did make a few adjustments to the tutorial, in terms of measurements mostly. Nothing drastic, really. The process took from around 3-9 with MANY breaks and an hour long dinner. I was a very lazy costumer today... I really need to work on my discipline. When I was finished I attached it to a little satin covered headband that I picked up from Ardene (which cost about $2).

Still on my to-do list is the neck/halter strap and the front ruffles. I figure I can probably get through most of that tomorrow evening.