Monday, October 26, 2009

This year's Halloween is driving me to an early grave...


So, things have happened AGAIN! Now I am not going to be Sailor Jupiter for the Halloween party as originally planned.

Anyway, now I've decided to dress up as an amalgamation of Mio and Azusa from K-On! Basically Mio from the neck down and Azusa from the neck up. I picked up a very nice dress from the mall on Sunday, in a very rushed and hectic visit (it was about two hours 'til close, which is a little insane for something like dress shopping). But against the odds I did find a pretty nice dress that is more or less the right shape, but will need some extensive altering. Well, not too extensive. But with the time I have left ANY kind of alterations will be extensive. I also picked up something that's perfect for her armband (or will be with some alterations) and I had already bought her tights a few weeks ago. And I will be making some cat ears instead of a mini top hat, mostly because the top hat probably won't fit on my head with the pigtails. So basically, dressing up as Azusa cosplaying as Mio from the show's end sequence.

(Mio + Azusa) )

Tomorrow night I'm going to fabricland to pick up some satin for ruffles and a halter strap. As well as some fur bits to make some cute ears. I'll make the best of all the insanity that's happening this October. Somehow.