Monday, June 22, 2009

Sailor Mars: Part... Six?, Etc., Etc.

Alright, this is probably going to be a really lame post, but it's an update nevertheless. I am getting worse and worse at sticking to my self-imposed deadlines. When I get home from work I just want eat dinner and then fall into bed. And then on the weekends, I've been sleeping poorly, so I just want to sleep all day long. Sigh.

Sailor Mars: Part Six
This past weekend, however, I insisted that Bryan be more strict (heehee) in forcing me to work on my costumes. I need that extra push. I managed to pin and cut half the pieces for the Sailor Mars bodysuit before convincing him that I was too tired to do any more. He needs to be more strict at being strict evidently. Or I need to be less persuasive.

On Saturday, we also went to P-Mall, and I got myself a Luna plushie to carry around with our Sailor costumes. And she was half the price of the ones they were selling at Anime North. Huzzah! I also got some Rozen Maiden playing cards, but I digress.

Hetalia (Hungary?): Part One
Bryan also gave me this Army-style coat that he loves (from the 1950s, yay vintage) but which is too small for him. I plan on possibly turning it into a Hetalia cosplay. I am insistant about making that second costume for Fanexpo, but I am very uncertain that I will have the time to make Shinku as well as I'd like, expecially given how badly I have been managing my time thus far. I would like to use the coat to make Hungary, although the colour is slightly off... I may yet decide on someone else (i.e. from Hetalia), but I haven't yet had time to look into it.

Finally, I once again brought up the need for a photoshoot of my Belle costume. I do not have a single picture of me wearing it, and if I'm going to go through all the trouble of Disney-esque hair and make-up (the latter in particular) I'd like something a little better than snapshots. In any case, this past weekend had been the original chosen day for the photoshoot, but Saturday (the only available day) was rainy and icky. I mentioned this, and Bryan so cleverly pointed out that we are going to be in the South of France with little to do but laze around, why not bring the costume and get some super authentic pictures. Yes, it means bringing a wig with me in my suitcase, but it surely would be fabulous! I'm excited. XD