Friday, June 12, 2009

Sailor Mars: Part Five

This isn't so much of an update, as a complaint. Heh. I prewashed the fabric, but it's taking a suprisingly long time to dry. It's been rainy so I couldn't put it outside. Boo to you Mother Nature! And my drying rack prevents my from laying the whole piece out flat, because it will be stretched and mangled and horribly tortured if I do. Oh noes! Oh yes!

Anyway, whatever this fabric is, it holds a serious (and I mean SERIOUS) amount of water without appearing to. So, while it's not dripping off huge puddles onto the kitchen floor anymore, it's still very damp. It should be dry by tomorrow, so if my day isn't hijacked by anything else, I will devote it to cutting and assembling. Yay!