Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gores Galores

So... I'm seesawing. Again. I just like to see-and-saw, like 6 year old at the local playground. Yes, crappy similes are crappy.

In any case, I've once AGAIN changed my mind about which costume I'm going to do for FanExpo. I am back to my very first decision (I suppose that's why it was the first choice, after all). I will be making Ciel Phantomhive's pink ballgown/Little Robin variant. *Sweatdrop*

HOWEVER, unlike any of my other seesawing posts, I actually have some progress to report. On Tuesday evening I came home from work, put my bags down and made a beeline straight for the hoopskirt. (Recent negativity towards my/general costuming activities only prvoed to strengthen my resolve.) I spent about ten minutes sitting and planning (over the course of the day prior to getting home) about how I was going to work this out... and it worked out more or less.

Last year for a Victorian costume, I made a very... um... voluminous underskirt, which was perfectly fit to me/my hoop. However, I knew this was not going to work for Ciel. The underskirt for this costume has many layers of ruffles, which really requires a gored skirt, rather than a pleated/gathered skirt, which is what I'd made. So, I ripped open the waist band and cut up my skirt into gores. It was... a bit of a challenge. There are quite a few seams in it, more than I would like really, but they are pretty invisible once everything is trimmed and pressed. And the many, many ruffles will cover a lot of them up as well. Anyway, on Tuesday evening I cut and pinned the gores together, and today I sewed them all up. The machine was very, very bitchy to start off with, but I showed it who was boss. Over the next few days I will be ruffling it up... and making another trip to Fabricland for brand new (elastic free) waistband interfacing and black ribbon trim. Huzzah!

Now, I do realize that of all the costumes I was seesawing between, this one is actually the hardest and most expensive of them all. HOWEVER, because it is semi-historical (I'll try my best to make it more so) I intend to use it for the Historical Halloween ball I'm attending. None of the other one's would really work. Because Shinku is pretty lolita (and wouldn't fit without additional pieces I have no intention of making) and Hungary wears pants (and pants at a ball... seriously? No.)

Keeping all of this mind, I probably won't really have much time to make a matching tutor-Sebastian costume for Bryan. At least not for this year. But maybe it's better if I'm doing the hoopskirt thing, in a crowded convention atmosphere, that I have a person in no/limited costume to make sure I don't knock anyone or anything over.

As for Sailor Mars... still the same as before. Plans for an upcoming [Sailor Moon] Costuming Sleepover, however, should change that!