Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sailor Mars: Part Four

I finally finished drafting the bodysuit pattern. Thank goodness! The last couple of steps are a real hassle, and I'm concerned (as I was the first time) if I did it correctly. Particularly this time because the armscye seems remarkably small... but then again Ashley is a deal smaller than I am. We'll see about that.

Anyway, I plan to pre-wash the bodysuit fabric a little later tonight, so that it will have time to dry overnight and all of tomorrow if need be, then I can get started on making it tomorrow night.

In other news, I finally found some "active wear" bias tape that will be appropriate for binding the bodysuit seams. I've not yet purchased it because I need to measure how much I will need, but soon.... Possibly this weekend. I will aim to have the Mars bodysuit done by then!