Friday, June 5, 2009

Really, Really Crazy.

So... here's the part where the name of my blog starts to sound pretty accurate. I think I want to set aside the Ciel Phantomhive costume for a little while and start on the Shinku (with Detective Kun Kun Henshin Set from episode I-have-no-idea of Rozen Maiden Traumand) costume. Why? Well, my love for Shinku is great and profound, not to mention I just got my very Shinku doll, which is the creepiest and cutest thing I have ever bought, and I just need to keep expressing my love of it, ideally in costume-making form. And while the pink ballgown will be an awesome costume (and historically relevant enough to be worn at an upcoming Historical Ball/Halloween Party), I don't really love Ciel Phantomhive as a character. Anyway, I guess nobody really cares about only doing characters they love, but it's important to me.

Shinku: Part One
Did I mention how I feel that this is very insane, and that this means I want to attempt to make both of these before August and/or October (in addition to the two Sailor Scout costumes I'm making, and the Renaissance costume I'm making, and my super secret crazy sewing project - granted that last one can wait a little while).

The first thing I plan on doing here is finding the pattern I made for my Belle costume and altering it. Knowing my luck, however, I probably will not be able to find this pattern. I know of no concievable place where I might have put it... but I'll look anyway. Second, I have a huge pile of burgundy tulle that I think I could use for a crinoline/petticoat. I am tired of seeing Shinku cosplays without the appropriate undergarments (*nerdy frustration here*). There are a few other things that I think need to be under that skirt to get the proper shape, but I am going to keep those to myself. I can't share all my secrets after all. I think overall, this costume shouldn't be too difficult to put together. The wig on the other hand... well, I'll worry about that when the time comes.

Additionally, Bryan (who loves Kun Kun and I gather Shinku by association) suggested that when I do this costume, we find a really good place to do our photoshoot, even if *gasp* we actually have to pay for a location. I was both surprised and pleased by this prospect. Obviously, I'll test all the contacts I can at my work for Victorian locations that won't charge me, however, it will probably only take me so far.

So excited!