Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sailor Jupiter: Part Six

Original Date: April 7, 2009

Making a good dress diary is hard work. And so is making a good bodysuit.Anyway, last night (as mentioned previously) I cut out the pieces for the bodysuit, using the pattern I drafted. Today was the day to start assembling.

I first sewed and serged the shoulder and crotch (for lack of a better word) seams. I slid into it at this point to check out how the neckline looked. It was too short, so I cut that open (keeping in mind, of course, that later on I would need to fit my whole body through this neck opening). I then sewed in the bust darts, then the side seams.

It was not immediately perfect, but it was pretty close to what I'd intended. The bust darts are MUCH whiter than the rest of the bodysuit. I figure this isn't too much of a problem because I will need to put on some kind of boob armor, which should cover that up. Second, the ass was HUGE and the crotch was too wide (horizontally). The wide crotch problem seemed apparent on the pattern, but I decided I would worry about it later - and so here I am. These two problems took the rest of the afternoon of pinning and sewing and cutting to fix, and they're still not perfect but they've come a long way. I might still try and make it better, but I don't think I'm going to do that today. Heh.

I am going to ask someone for advice on if (or how) to fix my problems and until then I'm going to put it aside. Right now I'm a little short on materials, so I can only really pleat the skirt or make the collar. But, again, I'm going to save that for the next time I work on it. Maybe sometime this weekend, but by that time I'll probably be able to pick up those extra few materials and this will all be moot.

ETA: Everything always ends up being harder than expected. I fixed the crotch problem more or less but now it's more high cut in the front than I would like. Also, my serger decided to chew out a little piece of the fabric in the crotch area as well. What to do about that? No idea. Fucking, fucking mcfuck.

ETA 2: I think I've come up with a contingency plan. I am going to take the bodysuit apart. I'm going to cut a new one and use the old one as a lining. Then I will bias bind the leg holes and neckline. I think this is the best I can do with what I've got. I hope it will work.