Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sailor Jupiter: Part Seven

Original Date: April 10, 2009

I followed my own suggestion and remade the bodysuit, doubling up the pieces. It's finished and it's pretty perfect. Overall the thing is strong, strudier, tighter and whiter! So, all is good. I had to rethred my serger which was a huge pain in the ass, but I managed, and then serged the seams so now they don't rip when I put it on. Yay! I may yet add some elastic to the leg seams because it's still a little loose on the bum, but I'll wait until I get my binding before doing that.

After finishing the bodysuit I went back to my sewing bag and pulled out the green fabric to start making my sailor collar. Before my next trip to Fabricland it's really the only thing I have all the materials to make. I followed an online tutorial that I found, though I'm afraid I've lost the author's name... I'll keep looking for it, I guess.

It was relatively easy to make the pattern, and the measurements worked surprisingly well. I had some annoyances sewing down the ribbons by machine (Jupiter has two, of course!) and getting everything to go on straight. In one area in particular there is a bit of wonkiness, but's not too noticeable. I must say though, sewing along the edge of this 1/4 inch ribbon proved that my ability to sew in a straight line with the machine has greatly improved since I started sewing. I then pinned the collar back and front together to sew, but quickly realised that I didn't have an appropriate green thread, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow when I can pick some up. We also cast the resin into the rose mould so, in about 24 hours the first earring should be finished! Excited!

On Sunday the family is getting together for Easter, so I may get Ashley's measurements to try and get started on her bodysuit while I'm still high on success. Heh.