Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sailor Jupiter: Part Eight

Original Date: April 11, 2009

Made the trip over to Fabricland today and got my interfacing, batting and matching thread. Yay. They didn't have the strech bias tape, at least not in any usable way, only lace crap. I didn't put any more work in on the costume today after the trip, however, because I wasn't feel too well.

We demoulded the earring. The fake test jewel came out really well. The rose came out pretty well, except for some bubbles. So, there were some holes, unfortunately. After the the trip to Fabricland however, we went to the mall and I found some really perfect rose earrings at Claire's (of course). It was a little bittersweet giving in so easily after only one attempt at the roses, but, well I think it may be necessary. I also got some more opera length gloves from Ardene. I saw some boots at payless that were in a pretty perfect style, except for the size. I may yet try to visit another payless location in the near future to pick some up. They were $35 (down from $75), which is not too bad all things considered.