Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sailor Jupiter: Part Nine

Original Date: April 14, 2009

So today it felt like I didn't accomplish much, but I suppose I did. I finished sewing together the collar, except for the part at the neck where I turned it inside out. It's also been pressed, even though the fabric generally refuses to be pressed. Agh. Another reason why satin is actually the fabric manifestation of satan.

I started making the little choker, which is pretty cute. I just need to hand sew the last part down, turn the ends over and then either add snaps or hooks for a closure. I also started work on the bows. Unsure of how the bow tutorial would work out, I made a mock-up and decided that I was going to deviate from the Sailor Moon bow tutorial I had planned on using. So far I managed to completely finish the front bow, and prepare the back bow and bow tail pieces to the point where they need to be turned and pressed.

I was going to start work on the glove top pieces - I made an attempt at a pattern, but it ended up being too small, so I just scrapped it for the day.

I also started to look at my mock-up for the skirt, pulling it apart and trying to visualize the way it would look. But that didn't go too well. So, I'm considering doing a circle skirt. After all, my mom did got me one the presser foot for the circle hems. So... maaaaybe. I'm going to leave the skirt to the very last thing, I think. I also had the problem with getting my skirt mock-up on me, so, again I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish that. But, there are a number of possibilities, I suppose. More snaps, zippers, fake pleats? We'll see.I'll take more progress pictures tomorrow.