Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sailor Jupiter: Part Four

Original Date: April 5, 2009

The mould is almost finished! Bryan thinks we will be able to cast the resin today, which means the first earring could be done anywhere for tomorrow to Wednesday. (I'm not sure the precise drying time, because it will be a very small amount of plastic.) Ashley saw the mould and was interested in getting some rose earrings as well, so, I may just do that after.

I solved my lack of hair problem as well. I found the clip-on ponytail that I originally purchased for my Jedi wig, and it the perfect length for Sailor Jupiter. I may attempt to add a very slight curl to the end, but I don't think it will be too essential. And I'll work out the problem of attaching the hair-balls later.

I pre-washed the white stretch fabric by hand this morning, and boy does that stuff ever hold in the water. Anyway, it should be ready for cutting as soon as I'm finished my final essay. Yay! The first costume at the end of a school year is a very exciting thing!

I'm still deciding on whether I am going to double up fabric or line it with something else. I'm going to have to make a quick visit to fabricland to get some cotton batting and interfacing, so I can perhaps see if there is some cheap swimsuit lining or something to pick up. That way I can save the other half of the stretch fabric for Ashley's costume.

Also, she's seems pretty settled on the idea of a Sailor Mars costume, and seeing all my mock-ups and moulds also seemed to get her pretty excited over the whole costume in general.

Everything is looking good so far!