Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sailor Jupiter: Part Three

Original Date: March 20, 2009

On the weekend I went and purchased the fabric for the Sailor Jupiter Costume. Yes. Fabricland, amazingly, had a 50% members sale, so let's just say I made back the cost of my membership twice in this one trip!

Unfortunately, despite my hopes to avoid it I had to settle for a cheapy satin for the skirt because it was the only fabric that came in the correct colour. Sigh, we'll see how that goes. The pink, however, was a better satin, and an absolutely fabulous shade. I'm very pleased with it. My fabric for the bodysuit is a poly-nylon blend, and I unfortunately do not know the exact stretch specifications. Sigh. I hope it is okay. It's a little see-through so I've been thinking about ways to line it - either doubling up the pieces or using my bathing suit's lining, or both. I haven't decided exactly yet. Also, now that I have the fabric I'm a little worried about using the pattern I drafted. What if I did it wrong, or it doesn't work? Eep. I'm considering re-doing it on graph paper. But at the same time, it's stretch fabric... and the pattern is pretty close of my actual body form - far closer than my first draft with the bathing suit. So... maybe I'm worrying needlessly?

I also made a stop at the dollar store to pick up some ribbon for the white stripes on the collar. But... I think it might be too thick to do the two necessary stripes.

In other Sailor costuming news: On Friday, Bryan and I started watching the Sailor Moon Stars season. One of the episodes at the beginning features Sailor Jupiter trying very hard to save Sailor Moon from the Evil Queen Nehellenia. The episode at once made my decision to choose Jupiter definite. Anyway, long story short: Jupiter's rose earrings played a vital role. So, while at lunch on Saturday Bryan and I decided we would make these earrings. Much of the day was thus spent collecting materials to make them. Once we got started, Bryan sculpted the rose out of clay and then started to apply a latex mould. We are going to then use resin to cast the earrings in plastic. Hopefully, we'll be ready to make the first one by next weekend. It's all very exciting!