Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ciel Phantomhive and Sailor Mars

Blog is officially up to date! Yay! Although, technically I ignored my Renaissance Doublet diary... oh well, I'll save that beauty for when the whole thing is done and ready! Heh.....

Ciel Phantomhive (Little Robin): Part One
I've started working on a corset for my Ciel Phantomhive (Little Robin) costume. I'm using the 1870s (I can't remember the exact date) pattern from Period Costume for Stage & Screen : Patterns for Women's Dress, 1800-1909 by Jean Hunnisett. So far it is going fairly well, I have resized the pieces and cut them out in canvas (my foundation fabric). My plan is to make it in three layers, unfortunately (or fortunately) I have not yet bought the outer later of fabric yet. I also found pictures of Ciel's corset, so, like the nerd that I am, I'm going to attempt to make my corset with similar coloured fabric and lace.

For the boning I am most likely going to use a combination of steels and zip ties, with a metal busk in front. I figure if the busk is too short (I haven't checked yet), I can compensate with adding a couple grommets at the bottom.

Sailor Mars: Part Three
Sailor Mars has been going a little slowly due to my ongoing stupidity. *Headdesk* Half way through drafting the bodysuit pattern I realized I forgot to take Ashley's "bust to waist" measurement. I gather this is not an absolutely essential measurement, because it is almost always 16 cm (or something very close to) in all women. Go figure! So, fine I got that one, then a few minutes after continuing the drafting I realized I'd forgotten to take her shoulder measurement too! Dies. Hopefully, I've got them all now, and I can finish this sucker without too many more problems.*

*By this I mean the bodysuit. I don't have such hopes for ease where the other bits (i.e. skirt) are concerned.