Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shinku - Part Two

May the Fourth be with you!


Got a bit of work done today, yesterday and Monday on the Shinku costume. Monday I drafted the bodice for the dress. I'm just going to make a simple gathered skirt. Yesterday I drafted a sleeve pattern for the dress and starting priming the cane for painting. Then went out to pick up some supplies that were preventing me from progressing, mostly notions and a bit of lace for the bodice.

Today I chickened out a little on starting the dress; I've worked with velveteen, but never velvet before. So I decided to start working on the underparts. I made a little crinoline out of tulle. There's a little extra tulle at the back for a bit of a bustle shape, it's subtle. The petticoat is a nice cotton material I found in my stash. It's about three meters pleated onto a twill tape. I just need to add some kind of skirt hook. I salvaged some lace from the bottom of my Belle petticoat, which is a bit of a write-off at this point, and added that to the bottom of this new petticoat.

And lastly I made a fabric covered button for the top of the hat. But the hat is still a work in progress. Anyway, I'm oddly excited about how awesome the button looks!