Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zip It UP

For this March break week I really want to put in some work on my dress (and other cosplays). Today I finally got back to work on my Ciel dress after a very long hiatus. It was a little challenging to get back into to it at first, I wasn't quite sure where I had left off exactly, but I guess I figured it out after a little looking about and reviewing my old to-do list. All I really managed to accomplish yesterday was sewing in the zipper. That being said, it was a rather challenging task. I also sewed together half of the armscyes on each side, I hope to finish that job tomorrow. Once the armscyes are completely sewn up the base dress will be more or less finished, and I can finally move on to the more decorative aspects. Yay!

Meanwhile on the other side of the table, work has been started on evokers for some Persona 3 cosplay. Yes, I added yet another new cosplay to my list for this year unexpectedly: Mitsuru Kirijo's sunday outfit from the game Persona 3. That being said, it's done already, except for the possibility of an evoker. That should be very exciting once it's completed.

Also, ordered two new wigs from ebay on the weekend. One for Franziska and one for Mitsuru.

ETA: Franziska wig shipped March 16 and Mitsuru wig shipped on March 19.