Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ruffly Ruffly Time: Part Two

Today I adjusted and sewed down the ruffle to the lining part of the dress. I then pinned the top piece of the dress down and rather meticulously arranged it all. This now has to be hand sewn in place... along with all of the other sections of the dress that have not yet been sewn. Really looking forward to that.... Heh.

I also began work adjusting a touching up how the armscye is going to be sewn in place, it was very finicky, particularly around the top of the zipper, which did not want to cooperate at all. While doing this I noticed that one of the straps was pinned rather poorly and had to be readjusted, unfortunately this means I need to try on the dress again and get assistance with fitting the strap (particularly so that the top of the bodice lies flat in the back). After this adjusted I've decided to flat fell the seams for extra strength, particularly because it will be completely covered by the bertha.

I'm probably not going to be able to work on the dress at all tomorrow unfortunately. However, this is because I'm going to be going on a little costuming adventure for the PoP production. Very excited: details to follow.