Monday, September 14, 2009

Yet More Rufflies!

Ciel Phantomhive: Part Eight

This post encompasses work done today as well as yesterday. Basically what it amounts to is the completion of the second ruffle. I had a little bit of a snag with this one, as I ran out of fabric before I got all the way around to where I needed the ruffle to end. I had to add an extra two meters to the ruffle and still it wasn't quite enough to get the fullness I'd have liked right at the end on the left hand side, but it's something that isn't noticeable. This, however, leads me to believe that I greatly underestimated the length of fabric for the first ruffle. I thought it had been six meters long (which I why I thought five meters would be sufficient for the second ruffle), but after some thought it was more likely to have been ten meters. And eight, rather than the seven I ended up with, would have been the perfect amount of fabric for the second ruffle. Overall, the process was much the same.

Progress: (Front and back views)

Dr. Stein: Part One

In some respects I've inherited this costume as well. Bryan took apart all the pieces of the shirts and attached most of them. I had to serge all the pieces, to allow for stretching. With the shirt surgery completed, I started working on the "stitches". We decided the best method would be to use embroidery thread, rather than some of the other methods I've seen. I used a crisscross backstitch to make the lines, and I think the effect is very appropriate. I've done about 30 on the shirt so far.

Bryan also started disassembling the lab coat, and I did some necessary stain removal. Fun times.

Progress: (Prior to adding any stitches)