Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ciel Phantomhive: Part Ten

So, on Friday evening I went and bought the fabric for the dress. I got a matte bridal satin in a colour that can really only be described as Pink!, but I suppose that is appropriate. I also picked up some interfacing, twill tape, the pink ribbon and a cute little white lace trim. And a zipper. I also did some more work on the bodice mock-up (noticing in particular one very big mistake, that I'm too ashamed to write here, learning experience be damned).

On Saturday I realized I had forgotten to get some lining. So we headed back over to Fabricland and I picked up some broadcloth also quite Pink!. But appropriate. When I got home I started work on the interfacing layer. I decided this was going to be the foundation on which I built the entire dress, hopefully this will work out as well as I think it will. I cut out all the pieces, attached them together and began making boning channels with the twill tape. I ran out of twill tape less than halfway through this process (I had no idea how much to buy, in my own defence) and had to go back to fabricland to get more. Thank god for that 50% off members sale, I tell you what! I've only had my renewed membership for about two weeks and I think I've earned back its cost already.

Between Saturday evening and Sunday morning/afternoon I managed to finish all the boning channels and insert the boning. There are seven bones on the front and seven on the back. I pinned the interfacing to the zipper to test out the fit, and I am very satisfied, except for some minor gaping the back, which is easily remedied. The zipper, however, is a tad too short. *Kicks self* Which means... yet another trip to Fabricland.

I also managed to pick the pink flowers and white ribbon for the hat on Saturday morning.

Anyway! Except for one little "engineering" issue I have with the back of the dress I should be ready to start work on the top layer of the dress at any time. Exciting and scary, to say the least.

Dr. Stein:
On Saturday I also tailored Bryan's lab coat. It looks much better now, except for a little twisting of the sleeve when his arms are down. Which is annoying. And he did a lot of work making more stitches on his shirt; it's looking so good!