Monday, June 28, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Didn't do too much actual work on the weekend. I touched up the sewing where the dress and shoulder bands meet up on the Chemise a la Reine and pinned my sleeves in place. Things are actually looking pretty good. Sewing the sleeves in place will be a completely different story, but I'll worry about that a little while later.

I did go shopping for supplies on Saturday. I picked up a cotton/linen blend fabric for a quick shift to go under the Chemise a la Reine. I also picked up some white silk taffeta to dye blue for the sash. I'm hoping to do the dyeing today while the house is clear of people. Heh.

I also picked up some more fabric and fur bits, and ordered some corset supplies online for my Secret Steampunk cosplay. Heh. Afterwards spent a good hour and half in Rona picking up bits and bobs for this one as well. I'm getting excited.

Sewing and dyeing to come, as soon as I finish my maki.

ETA: Dyed the fabric and it looks pretty good. It came out lighter than the intended colour, which is what I was going for. Unfortunately there are a few splotchy spots along the corners. My pot was a little too small for the amount of fabric that needed to be dyed. Sigh. It's not too bad though. I'm going to do my best to avoid using those areas. It's still drying, so I'm hoping it might lighten up a little bit yet. I also managed to handsew on one of the sleeves. Going to definitely sew the other one on before the day is over. I'm going to sew the sleeves on by machine hopefully also today.

ETA: Dyed fabric is dried and pressed. The colour is actually perfect. The white splotchy areas look like cloud streaks, it's actually kind of nice in most areas. I really love the colour. Yay!

ETA: Finished sewing on the second sleeve.

ETA: Pre-washed my cotton/linen fabric for the shift. I'm really excited to make it, I have no idea why.