Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Brief Update

I am currently working on the mock-up for the Pirate King's coat. So far so good, I believe, but I really won't know until the kid tries it on.

In other news, made it out to P-Mall for no particular reason today. And while I was there I found a pair of knee-high brown lace-up boots. You'd be surprised how often those show up in anime character designs. They were $70 marked down to $29, so that's really an irrestible price. They're going to require a smidge of work, but it will be worth the work, given the price. Picked them up with my Maylene cosplay in mind, but there are a few more things on my to-do list that they would work for. Hoping to do Maylene for FanExpo 2010 in August, unless by some miracle I can get it together for May. Haha, very wishful thinking.

So far my future cosplay plans go thusly:
Anime North: Ciel Phantomhive (Little Robin) and Young Franziska Von Karma from the new Ace Attorney game.
Fan Expo: Maylene, Maka Albarn and possibly Nagato if I can manage.