Monday, February 22, 2010


Decided to do some more PoP work today. I wasn't quite ready to go back to the sleeve pattern drafting, so I decided to do some work on the Pirate King's hat instead.

When I was making the costume design, I thought that the Pirate King needs something a little bit atypical. I decided to give the Pirate King a cavalier style hat, instead of a tricorn. The tricorn is a staple, obviously, but a lot of the other main pirates (main is relative here, of course, in comparison to the Pirate King) are going to have tricorns, and he should really have something to make him stand out from the pack! A cavalier hat will take up more physical space, has more options for flamboyant accessorizing, and will attract more attention. That's my rational anyway. The director said she liked it, so I'm clinging to that as well.

I decided to make it out of brown vinyl. The coat design I've planned has a lot of black, so I wanted it to still be a realistic leather-looking piece, but not to overbalance the amount of black already present. It will not compete, however, with the black I think, because of the tie-in to similar colour tone of the gold. Again... that's my rational anyway.

At this point the hat is mostly assembled. I still have to the finish off the edges of the brim, and then attach the brim up, creating that cavalier look. I think it will also need a black band of some sort... or maybe even gold? To break up the brown, which is very intense block of colour.


Anyway, so far the hat is going well, perhaps even better than I expected! Hurrah.