Friday, October 2, 2009

Ciel Phantomhive: Part Fifteen

October dress deadline is now gone with the wind. I technically no longer need this dress before May 2010. That really does make one's determination falter a little. I no longer need to break my back night and day to finish this dress in time. However, I am still going to attempt to finish it so that I can get a few pictures of it into my portfolio before I send that off with my school application. Sigh.

Today I sewed the lining to the interfacing. This was a HUGE hassle, my sewing machine did not like me trying to maneuver the bones around... ugh. Disastrous. I cannot repeat this with the top layer, it's just too big of a risk, and yet this is kind of the position I've been left in now. *Dies*

Made a few minor alterations on the skirt part of the top layer, then sewed and pressed. All seems to be going well there, thankfully. I then sewed the top fabric and the lining together, and despite earlier trepidation, it went quite well!

* * *

In other costume news I'm going to do a photoshoot for my Sailor Jupiter costume this weekend, weather pending. At this point Sunday looks clear, so fingers crossed. I need to get it done before it's so cold outside I get hypothermia in my eeny-weeny little skirt.