Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Super Sailor Update, Maybe

Sailor Scout Costuming Sleepover has come and gone. Alas. Unfortunately plans didn't pan out quite the way I'd have liked, but fortunately I still made a fairly significant amount of progress.

Sailor Mars: Part Seven
The bodysuit is somewhere between 50% and 75% finished. It depends on how well it fits, which I do not yet know. I believe I am going to cut open the armholes, because they came out a little small for some reason. I need Ashley to stick her arm in there first, heh. I also need to still cut out the "V" into the neckline, but again, I need Ashley to try it on. Lastly I will need to put a couple snaps on the bottom seam, for easier entry and exit. Yes. Otherwise it is looking good, and going well.

Sailor Jupiter: Part Sixteen
Ah, my first update since the beginning of June. Go me. Anyway, I finished sewing one of the armbands on to a glove. Not a very big contribution to this costume, but it's mostly little finicky hand-sewing bits left over anyway. (Aside from the *ahem* massive hem job still to do). I'll get to it, I'll get to it!

In other general Sailor Scout costume news, I believe I am going to order the tiaras tomorrow night. So hopefully that will be nice and painless!