Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sailor Scout Costumes: Part One

Original Date: March 24, 2009

Long story short: I have loved Sailor Moon since I was super young... can't remember how young, exactly. And finally it is time to make my very own super-de-duper Sailor Scout uniform! It's an exciting time. So exciting that I would ideally like to get into better shape in order to not look ridiculous once its finished. I will also be making a comissioned sailor scout uniform concurrently. Eep!

The past week and a half or so, my mind has been very much devoted to the construction details of putting a costume like this together. Surprisingly, I've spent more time worrying over how to put together this tiny little thing than I spent worrying over any other of my costumes which required a hell of a lot more fabric. But I suppose a good cosplay is really all about the details.

So, first of all, I've decided to try making a bodysuit as the base of the costume and I'm going to do so by using an old bathing suit as a base pattern, which I've already cut up. That may prove a problem when I make one from my cousin, because she doesn't do the one-piece thing. But, I'll figure out what to do about that after I figure out if the bathing suit idea is going to work period.

I've decided I want to do a pleated skirt rather than a circle skirt. Most people seem to agree that the circle skirt is more accurate, but I like the look of the pleats, and plus it will be less likely to fly around in the wind.

Bryan and I have discussed making wands and tiaras and buttons and stuff out of molds, so, that is pretty exciting! But I'm not going to worry about those just yet. My last early decision will be to decide which Sailor Scout I actually want to make. I'm pretty sure it's between Jupiter and Neptune, and I'm leaning towards Jupiter because she was my first favourite character, and you can't go against that. I'll save the other scouts for later costumes, assuming all of this goes well. I think Ashley wants to take the Mars route... but she has plenty of time yet to change her mind.