Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sailor Mars: Part One

Original Date: April 29, 2009

At the end of last month my cousin Ashley asked me if I could make her a Sailor Moon costume for Halloween, etc. And, Sailor Moon being my favourite childhood cartoon, not only did I say "of course!" I decided I would also make one of my own to match (and then slowly convince everyone I know to join in until we have the entire cast, Muahaha! *cough*). Anyway, after making a lot of mistakes on my own to get to this point I'm ready to start her costume with a bit of experience under my belt. I've decided to also keep a costume diary, because I always find it helpful when other people do them, and I have (as of now) been unable to find anyone who has made a Sailor Moon dress diary. And trust me, the tips would have been very helpful!

Anyway, after a few weeks of thinking it over, she decided she wanted to be Sailor Mars - she couldn't resist the red and purple!

Last Friday, Ashley and I picked out the fabric she wanted for her Sailor Mars costume, and I am VERY glad she came along, because I definitely would not have chosen the same colours that she ended up picking out. They look good, though.

We are using heavy crepe back satin, which we found at just over 50% off the regular price. When it comes to buying expensive fabrics the discounts are a godsend! We got 3.4 meters of red (it was the last of the roll) and a half meter of the purple. We also got 2 meters of a white matte stretch fabric for the bodysuit, price reduced by 40% (yay for big sales!). The total cost of the fabric was around $65 (taxes included). There won't be too many additional costs, since much of the thread and other notions I had bought for my own version, or had in my sewing box already.

This morning was the first chance I had to work on anything since our shopping spree, due to the exam I had yesterday. I wasn't yet ready to start making up the bodysuit pattern, so I decided I would start with something simple: the purple front bow and red back bow.Each bow is made up of two parts, and each of those parts is made up of three pieces of fabric. Two pieces of the top fabric and one piece of medium weight interfacing.For bows for a Sailor Senshi costume, I used the following dimensions:

- The front bow piece is a rectangle: 7"x13".
- The front bow tail piece is bow shaped: 7"x15", with the center being 3" wide.
- The back bow piece is a rectangle: 11"x16".
- The front bow tail piece is bow shaped: 11"x18", with the center being 6" wide.

Of course this led me to want to make a bow making tutorial. Because I am insane!
Part One
Part Two

And yay, the Sailor Mars bows are done!